Billy Barker Sopwith Snipe

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On October 27, 1918 circumstances found RAF Maj. William Barker facing no less than sixty Fokker DVIIs from Jagdgeschwader 3 comprising Jasta 2,26,27,and 36. During a forty minute melee, while taking terrible physical punishment, Barker was able to shoot down four of the German attackers. He suffered wounds that almost severed both legs and incapacitated both arms. He would lose consciousness during the fight; twice losing control of his aircraft but each time his gyrating aircraft would revive him. He finally managed to crash-land in a field behind a British trench line. His Snipe was riddled with over three hundred bullet holes. Billy Barker survived his terrible wounds and was awarded the Victoria Cross by King George V. Billy Barker's Sopwith Snipe is on display at the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa.
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