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This 12.75" x 22" print (11.25" X 20.5" image) ships rolled in a sturdy tube. Order on line or by phone at 585-554-5373. Please note online images carry a TWAA watermark. Your final print will not include this security device.

This work depicts a Lockheed F-94C in full afterburner streaking through the night sky. The F-94, an adaptation of Lockheed T-33, was the USAF’s first all-weather fighter interceptor. Originally designed to fire nose mounted rockets, which proved problematic, specially designed rocket pods were located to the wings. Each pod carried twelve rockets. The F-94C was the only variant that received the name “Starfire”. With the afterburner engaged the Starfire was capable of supersonic speed in a dive. After a production run of 387 units, the last F-94C was retired from active duty in November 1957

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