"The Peashooter"

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This 17" x 22" print (14" x 20" image) ships rolled in a sturdy tube. Order on line or by phone at 585-554-5373 Please note online images carry a TWAA watermark. Your final print will not include this security device.

The Boeing P-26 was the U.S. Army Air Corps' first mass produced monoplane fighter. However it still retained an open cockpit with wing rigging wires and fixed landing gear of the old biplane designs. It got its name, Peashooter, from the long tubular gun sight placed just in front of the windscreen. Although obselete by the forties, the little fighter saw combat in December 1941 in the Phillipines downing two A6M Zeros and a Japenese bomber. This example wears the colors of the 17th Pursuit Group, 34th Pursuit Squadron.
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