Boeing 307 TWA

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This custom sized 8" X 18" print ships rolled in a sturdy tube. Order on line or by phone at 585-554-5373. Please note online images carry a TWAA watermark. Your final print will not include this security device.
TWA was the only other airline, after Pan American, to purchase the Stratoliner. It was the largest, heaviest, longest-range, highest capacity airliner, using the most powerful engines. Beginning in the late thirties, the Boeing Model 307 was the only operational pressurized airplane and the longest-range landplane airliner available till the post war years. The Stratoliner was the first of several Boeing aircraft to use the strato prefix in its name. Strato is derived from one of the earth’s atmospheric layers, the stratosphere, which begins at around 30,000 feet of altitude. TWA highflying model SA-307B’s were shy by about 4,000 feet of being able to reach that height.
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